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A lot of flour, a lot, a lot of flour, makes 12 to 16 molds of dough.

The dough is sufficient for a 10-1 / 2-foot-wide ham cookie – the largest in the world. It takes a forklift to put this cookie in the oven.

“We cut it into squares,” noted Gary Rocca, one of the directors of Helping Hands, which each year makes the oversized cookie for the annual Trigg County Country Ham Festival.

“We cut it in the middle and put a piece of country ham in it,” Rocca continued of one of the highlights of the ham festival.

Absent for a year because of the coronavirus, the ham festival returns in 2021, scheduled for October 8 to 9 in downtown Cadiz, and the ham cookie returns with it.

As things start to reopen, Cadiz mayor Todd King has said he has decided to bring the festival back, describing it as an attraction for tourists and residents alike.

“We have people coming from all over the place,” King said, noting that probably over 30,000 people attend the popular event each year.

Sponsored by the City of Cadiz, the Cadiz-Trigg County Tourism Commission, WKDZ Radio and others, the annual festival features a variety of food, arts and crafts vendors, carnival rides and an auction of local hams with hams cured by young people and adults.

The auction was one of the few events to take place last year amid the coronavirus, although it was held at the Lexie Bush Convention Center to allow for social distancing.

This year, he’s coming back to downtown. The 2021 festival will also include concerts on Friday and Saturday evenings; no details on these events are yet available.

King said the organization of the festival is underway, and he noted that people will be notified of the plans as they are put in place.

Casey Parrent, executive director of the Main Street program, said anyone interested in having a booth at or sponsoring the festival can call Cadiz City Hall at 270-522-8244.

This year’s festival is a two-day event that runs from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. this Friday and Saturday along Main Street in Cadiz.

Parrent said the mayor appoints a ham festival committee to oversee it each year.

King noted that the annual ham festival attracts the interest of people from the local community and beyond.

He said someone interviewed his wife Clarissa last week, curious about all the pig carvings in the downtown community.

Upon learning of their affiliation, the person expressed interest in attending the festival.

“They stopped my wife and asked her, ‘What are all the pigs doing on the road? King said.

Rocca noted that all the ingredients for the ham cookie are donated.

The ladies in the school system prepare the dough, which goes into a stainless steel pan for baking; the result is around 2,000 ham cookies that sell out at noon, according to Rocca.

“It’s a lot of work for us, but it’s a lot of fun,” he said.

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