T-Mobile is now selling a $325 Un-Carrier On suitcase



At the end of last week T-Mobile emailed me and asked if the company could send me something as part of an upcoming announcement. I agreed and didn’t hear back on what that something would be. On Monday, a large box appeared with no indication of its origin.

As soon as I opened it and saw the magenta exterior, it was obvious: T-Mobile had sent me a case. Not just any suitcase. It’s the business Un-Carrier On Suitcase which you can actually buy for $325.

Other than the magenta exterior, there’s not much T-Mobile branding on the Samsara luggage case. The wheels have the T-Mobile logo and the handle says T-Mobile on them.

So why start selling a suitcase? T-Mobile is drawing attention to the travel-specific perks and benefits its subscribers have access to as part of its Coverage Beyond initiative. These perks include free in-flight Wi-Fi, international roaming, and AAA coverage for car travel.

The suitcase is packed with tech: there’s a slot for an Apple AirTag to help you keep an eye on your stuff while you travel, and a Airtag is included in the box. There’s also a dedicated slot for a portable battery that can charge your phone wirelessly.

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I can’t imagine T-Mobile selling many of these, but I could be wrong. If nothing else, those who end up buying one will have a magenta suitcase that’s connected to Apple’s Find My network, which should make it nearly impossible to lose. We can at least hope that this is the case.

Even though T-Mobile has timed the announcement of the upcoming holiday travel season, the fine print on Samsara’s press release and website indicates that the suitcase should ship within the next 30-60 days once the battery will have gotten FCC approval, so you might not get your hands on it until after the holidays.

If you’re ok with that and want a high-visibility magenta suitcase, you can order one directly from samsara.


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