South Hams Council staff could get a pay rise


Workers at South Hams Council headquarters could get a pay rise

But they don’t say how much

South Hams board staff could get a pay rise.

South Hams District Council (SHDC) councilors back a raise for key workers, including those he employs himself, but an original line that argued the raise should be at least £2,000 was deleted before it was agreed.

At the full board meeting last Thursday, members passed the motion: “This board supports a pay raise for all of our key workers. This includes the staff here at South Hams.

Public sector wages are regulated by central government, but councilors backed the proposal who added: ‘We call on the Local Government Association to make urgent representations to central government to fund wage claims and write to the Chancellor and to the Secretary of State to request a pay rise for public sector workers to be funded with new central government money.

Stokenham Lib Dem adviser Julian Brazil moved the motion and said: ‘We have all seen during the pandemic how absolutely vital our public servants are and we truly believe in building back better than we have to. support them.

“And that includes having appropriate salaries so they can deal with this cost of living crisis.”

Allington and Strete Tory Councilor Richard Foss asked which jobs were classed as ‘key workers’ and suggested farmers were often left out.

“If you have nothing to eat, everything else doesn’t matter,” he said.

“I don’t want to degenerate [sic] any other occupation, but I think we forget that from time to time. And we have been working day and night on the covid situation to keep the food coming. The dairy farmers continued to milk the cows. We were still growing crops.

But Cllr Keith Baldry (Lib Dem, Newton and Yealmpton), who seconded the motion, referred the debate to staff working for the council.

“Our staff at South Hams were exceptional; working in very difficult circumstances, most of them working from home,” he said.

“Some of them worked in a back room or in their bedroom. And on behalf of all councillors, I want to thank our staff.

“I think they deserve a significant pay rise in all of these areas.

“We’ve been told in the past that there’s no magic money tree to produce money and then lo and behold, immediately the former chancellor overcame that during covid with furlough plans and the rest . And demonstrated, in my opinion, that he was a very good socialist.

The motion passed unanimously.


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