Recreational divers find submerged truck in Canyon Lake and help recover vehicle | Community alert


Scott Bauer and Rad Wisniewski may not be divemasters, but the two amateur dive enthusiasts found a stolen truck on Labor Day that was 35 feet deep in Canyon Lake and 100 feet from the nearest boat ramp.

Bauer said he first spotted the truck on Sept. 3 when he and another diver saw the vehicle as they were heading to Overlook Park. He said the truck overturned, the bed cover was torn, his radio was missing, and the truck’s battery was at the bottom of the lake.

“We drove past what looked like an overturned truck and I ignored it,” Bauer said. “We kept going back, but the guy I was with wasn’t interested. My goal was to come back on Labor Day and check this truck out and see if it was stolen. I thought this would make great content.

With his Go Pro battery dying, Bauer – who has his own YouTube page dedicated to his dives – couldn’t log his discovery, so when he got home he called his dive buddy and friend Wisniewski to accompany him.

“I called him and said, ‘Hey, we have to go check this out because it looks a little weird,'” Bauer said. “You know, it looks like something that could have been part of a crime or maybe stolen. Who knows?”

The two divers returned to the docks on Labor Day, Sept. 5, and before they got in the water, a deputy from the Comal County Sheriff’s Office arrested them.

“He approached us and said we weren’t allowed to dive here, but when we told him about the truck we found, the deputy seemed interested and asked us to report the number of license plate,” Bauer said.

The divers went into the lake with their fully loaded Go Pros mounted on their snorkel masks to document the experience, and a drone to record from the sky. They then returned to the overturned truck.

“We actually did our first dive and I was able to take a look and saw the radio was missing,” Wisniewski said. “We knew that if it was an accident, the dashboard would probably still be there. Everything looked like it had been stolen.

After divers brought in a photo of the license plate, they discovered the red 1998 Dodge Ram 1500 pickup truck was stolen in San Antonio in April 2020.

“I think they probably thought we were talking about a truck that was part of the dive park,” Bauer said. “After they calculated the number, they were like, ‘Oh no, this truck is reported stolen. “”

Bauer said the deputy wanted divers to help pull the truck out of the lake and they helped Pro Care Wrecker hook up the vehicle. The divers said that after hauling the heavy hooks to the vehicle, it was interesting to see the truck pull out of the lake and into the docks.

Bauer said when he looked inside to see a possible driver’s license, he noticed straps attached to the truck’s gas pedal.

“I guess that’s how they got it down the drain,” Bauer said. “Maybe they had a tape like holding down the accelerator pedal or something. I was wondering, is there a body in there? Why was this posted here? Why would you give up this vehicle? Who do this ? Was it stolen and they’re just trying to abandon the vehicle? Do they use drugs or something like that? You know there are a whole bunch of reasons. It keeps you from thinking about what could be the reason someone is doing this.

Bauer and Wisniewski hope to upload underwater and aerial footage of their adventure to find the truck soon. Each diver has their own YouTube page – Wisniewski’s is called Radventure, while Bauer’s is called Scott Bauer Below.


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