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Northland Amateur Communications Group was recently named the top-rated nonprofit group of 2022 by Great Nonprofits, the leading charity and nonprofit community recommendation website.

The Mason City-based group serves Cerro Gordo County and eight neighboring counties. This also includes Butler, Floyd, Franklin, Hancock, Mitchell, Winnebago, Worth and Wright counties.

NACG is an amateur radio club. Despite the development of very complex communication systems, amateur radio has often been called upon to provide communications in critical circumstances.

In a press release, NACG officials explained that amateur radio works so well, unlike telephones, cell phones, internet, main lines, satellite phones, because they all have to pass through many points of contact. vulnerable and need electricity. Even when their systems are working and the electricity is flowing, these systems can be overwhelmed with calls for help and families looking for information.

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Amateur radio is different. Although many radio amateurs can use the Internet or a repeater system, they don’t have to. Amateur radios can “go straight” and talk to each other directly, as each station is completely independent. They can work well without infrastructure. By selecting the right frequencies, radio amateurs can talk across town, across the county, across the continent and all over the world.

The Best Nonprofit award is based on the rating and number of reviews Northland Amateur Communications Group has received from volunteers, donors and aid recipients.

“This group is such an amazing collection of individuals,” said Great Nonprofits user Meguel Towers, who gave NACG 5 out of 5 stars. technology. If you are interested in radio, you should join this group. If you are not interested in joining, you should still support this group because they still do a lot for our community. I’m really proud to give back. money to this organization.

Another user said NACG is helpful and knowledgeable about all things radio. He said the public service provided by NACG with its volunteer emergency team is a critical asset to have in northern Iowa.

“Northland Amateur Communications Group is a great example of a nonprofit making a real difference in its community,” said Perla Ni, CEO of Great Nonprofits. “Their award is well-deserved recognition not only of their work, but also of the tremendous support they receive, as evidenced by the many outstanding reviews they have received from people who have direct experience working with the Northland Amateur Communications Group and its public service teams. ”

The club supports radio hobbies including amateur (amateur) radio, general mobile radio service, CB radio, etc.

As volunteer radio amateurs, they serve northern Iowa by providing the Northern Iowa Skywarn Storm Watch Team, networking with storm chasers and the National Weather Service, a team radio amateur emergency service, emergency or search and rescue support, and health and safety communications for public events.

NACG also assists local community emergency response, participates in various charities and fundraisers, and attends major events such as RAGBRAI.

Most importantly, NACG provides backup communications when other communication options fail, inspires people toward emergency preparedness and weather safety, promotes the legal and proper use of all radio modes, and seeks opportunities to educate people about the different radio modes and their benefits.

The group’s vision includes improving the service by acquiring repeaters to improve and expand its communications coverage area. NACG is raising funds for a mobile command center and trailer with generators, radios, and other equipment to move onsite at all times.


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