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Radio amateurs essential to the community

This post ran a short story about the ham radio operators, the Aquia club, and the ARRL Field Day event that took place this past weekend.

However, the writer and the subjects participating in the story missed an opportunity to shed light on how the hobby and sport provide the public with skills and benefits useful and essential to a community in times of crisis that accompany disasters, and sometimes a simple interruption of normal life.

These include the safe acquisition, construction and use of off-grid emergency power systems, not only for communications, but also to maintain simple comfort. HAMs (Licensed Radio Operators) are also skilled in the planning, configuration and operation of the field kitchen which supports our operators, in variable, sometimes unscheduled numbers, while keeping the stations in a constant state of readiness and readiness. exploitation.

HAMs are masters at reusing a wide range of items, often discarded by others, to reduce costs and innovate across disciplines including shelter, energy generation and storage, environmental protection, electrical and electronic diagnostics, repair and much more. .

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Amateur radio “fox hunts” provide training and support for search and rescue events that are simulated, and sometimes real, life-and-death scenarios.

You don’t have to be Nostradamus to see that the world is on the brink of historic upheaval. When the majority start complaining when their access to the internet, social media, cell phone service, and just being able to turn on a light has been lost due to a technical failure, natural disaster, a social calamity and even a war, licensed amateur radio operators will already be active in providing the basic necessities for their families and communities.

We are all better off with the global community of “HAMs” ready and willing to offer their skills and knowledge at any time. To be involved!


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