Finding direction with the help of the Steam Deck


Direction finding, or fox hunting, is a popular activity in amateur radio circles where a group of people armed with radios try to locate a source of broadcast. Apart from being a hobby for amateurs, it is also a necessary tool in the belt of regulators trying to track down airspace violators. There are many ways to determine the precise location of a radio transmissionbut this one manages to get away with using both a boat and a Steam Deck, each armed with a software-defined radio.

This project comes from [Aaron] which is well known in amateur radio circles for its SDR-focused Linux distribution called DragonOS; which has all the necessary tools for a quality SDR experience, namely KrakenSDR and DF Aggregator. He loaded everything onto a Steam Deck and left it in a safe place by a lake, while he carries a second device with the same software with him on a boat. With both devices listening for a specific signal, he is able to quickly focus on his friend ashore who is broadcasting on the 70cm band with the help of all this software.

Although amateur radio is not always known for being a young and exciting activity, the advent of software defined radio and other digital modes seems to be shaking things up in this world. Going around a lake in a boat is certainly fun in itself, and a fox hunt like this can be done with something as small and simple as a Raspberry Pi too.


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