Council tax cuts for South Hams vulnerable people?


South Hams Council Offices

Advisors plan to target aid

Those with the lowest incomes in the South Hams could see their council tax bills reduced.

Residents are being asked to weigh in on whether the current municipal tax cut program, which cuts bills by up to 85%, should be changed next year.

The scheme takes into account where people live, their income, the number of people living in their home and the number of children they have.

But South Hams District Council (SHDC) says changes need to be made due to the cost of living crisis.

For example, at present a couple would be eligible for a 50% council tax reduction if they have a combined monthly income of between £650 and £867. The proposed changes would mean they could earn between £780 and £1,040 and still be eligible for the same discount when previously they might have only received a 25% reduction.

Woolwell Conservative Councilor and Cost of Living Executive Member Nicky Hopwood said: ‘It is a bracketed or graduated scheme, which means the lower your income, the more hardship your household incurs. pressures, the greater the reduction you get.

“What we wanted to do with these proposals was to recognize that some households should be able to earn more money while benefiting from a reduction in council tax.

“At the bottom of the plan, the reduction is already very generous. With these proposals, we wanted to provide a little more support to households in other parts of the program that do not already receive as much support.

“I think these proposals accurately reflect the pressure many households are feeling right now.”

A consultation on the proposed changes will run until Sunday 27 November with residents able to give their opinion via an online questionnaire.


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