Apple AirTag: Travelers Tackle Baggage Chaos With Baggage Trackers


For his cousin’s wedding earlier this month in Glasgow, Finbarr Taylor packed the bespoke MacIntyre of Glenorchy tartan kilt his family gave him for his 21st birthday. Unfortunately, while he had the nuptials there, the suitcase carrying his extravagant evening wear never made it. It stayed at the Toronto airport for a few days, then was flown to Edinburgh before being shipped back to Toronto and then to a FedEx facility in Memphis. A few weeks later, he reappeared in San Francisco, circling the Bay Area for several hours before showing up at his front door in San Carlos, Calif., while still overseas.

Taylor was able to track the journey of the suitcase and its sentimental cargo because he had slipped an Apple AirTag inside. The $30 device and similar products like Tile Mate fit in a bag or on a pair of keys and allow their owners to track their precise location on their smartphone. So while Taylor, the CEO of Shogun Labs Inc., a company that lets people build websites without writing code, was presumably on vacation, he was also obsessively following his wayward suitcase and even Tweeter about it: “Where will he go next? Good luck there, little bag.


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