80% of lost pets are never found. GPS trackers may be the best solution for pet owners


It only takes a moment. Your cat sneaks out the door while you’re grocery shopping or your dog suddenly becomes an Olympic level athlete and clears that 5 foot fence. At that moment, you realise, “They are gone! The resources and time spent searching for a lost pet can add up quickly and have a crippling emotional impact on the entire family.

Fortunately, there are tools at your disposal that can help you if your pet runs away. A GPS tracker, for example, can’t stop your Hairy Houdini from escaping, but it can almost guarantee you’ll be able to locate it in seconds.

How many lost pets never find their way home?

Depending on the set of statistics you are looking at, the likelihood of a lost pet returning home can change significantly. While the ASPCA’s random survey of 1,015 households in 2012 concluded that around 15% of dogs and cats eventually returned home after going missing, in April 2019 the US organization Humane determined that “Only 15% of dogs and 2% of cats in shelters without ID tags or microchips are reunited with their owners.

Whichever end of the spectrum you choose to look at, it’s clear that not all lost pets come home. However, it is essential to realize that the permanent loss of your pet is preventable. With a pet GPS tracker, you can pinpoint your pet’s location in real time, making it easy to find your runaways quickly wherever they are.

Which tracker is best for pets?

When buying a pet tracker, there are a few key things to consider: range, battery life, weatherproof design, and subscription costs.


A pet tracker is only as good as its reliable range. The tracker will stop working once your pet wanders away or lands on a dead zone.

Battery life

As you’ve probably figured out from using your smartphone, searching for a signal can quickly drain a battery. If your pet tracker runs out of power, it will not work. Once your pet escapes, the timer begins to count down. Look for a model with long enough battery life to give you time to locate your pet.

Waterproof design

If your pet runs away, it will be exposed to the elements. Their pet tracker will also be exposed to the elements. A quality pet tracker should be able to withstand all types of weather.

Subscription cost

It’s possible to buy a pet tracker without a subscription fee, but often the range is so limited that the product won’t be of much use outside of your property. Luckily, most subscriptions don’t cost more than $10 per month. Considering the subscription cost and what the plan offers is a good way to determine the value of a pet tracker.

Can I track my cat by GPS?

Cats are much more independent than dogs. Unless they’re causing havoc or needing something, you might not even know where they are. It’s even harder to track an outdoor cat. Since most GPS devices are only about the size of a half dollar coin, they can easily fit on your cat’s collar, making them a great tool for tracking your cat. .

Are GPS dog collars worth it?

If you have an older dog that is not very mobile, a GPS collar may not be necessary. However, even a dog that has never tried to run away can have its moments. For example, catching an intriguing scent can cause a normally well-behaved dog to run after another animal. Fireworks or thunder can trigger a fight-or-flight response that causes your dog to panic. And then there are the dogs that just want to explore – keeping them from running away can be a 24/7 task.

GPS dog collars are affordable and widely available. For the protection and peace of mind they provide, GPS dog collars are definitely worth it for almost any dog.

GPS trackers for your pet

Whistle Ultimate Dog GPS Tracker

A subscription to this premium model includes GPS tracking, as well as health, fitness, and behavior monitoring. You can track your dog anywhere in the country at 15 second intervals and receive an alert if he leaves a designated location. It has a 20 day battery and a night light.

Sold by Amazon

FitBark GPS Dog Tracker

FitBark GPS Dog Tracker

This model requires a Wi-Fi connection, Verizon LTE-M coverage and a subscription. It delivers escape alerts and monitors your dog’s activities and behavior. The lightweight design is suitable for all dog sizes and the battery lasts between 10 and 20 days.

Sold by Amazon

Tractive GPS CAT LTE

Tractive GPS CAT LTE

You can track your cat’s every step in real time with this quality device. It has a virtual fence mode that lets you know when your cat leaves and returns to your property. The tracker comes with a 30 day money back guarantee.

Sold by Amazon

Tractive Dog GPS Tracker

Tractive Dog GPS Tracker

This is a real time tracker for your dog. It features sturdy construction and is waterproof. The low cost of a subscription is just $4.99 per month, and the device can also track calories burned and lets you set fitness goals for your dog.

Sold by Amazon and Soft

Real-time GPS tracker for dogs and cats Cube

Real-time GPS tracker for dogs and cats Cube

This model offers global monitoring. Although the cost of the device is lower than other models, the subscription is significantly higher. The battery can last anywhere from 10 to 60 days, depending on usage and signal, and the free app lets you set up geofences, so you get an alert whenever your pet leaves a designated area.

Sold by Amazon and Soft

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