8-year-old child uses his father’s amateur radio to connect to the ISS, answers a NASA astronaut | Tendency


An eight-year-old girl recently contacted a NASA astronaut aboard the International Space Station (ISS) using her father’s amateur radio. And the out-of-this-world contact made people raise eyebrows, and their conversation went viral on social media. Now, the 35-second conversation has resurfaced and, as expected, it’s gaining traction on social media.

The conversation was originally posted on Twitter by ISS Research page, which describes itself as “NASA’s official source for ISS research and science.” It has now been re-shared on Instagram by a page called Positive news. “Matt Payne, from Kent, England, shares his interest and passion for amateur (amateur) radio with his 8-year-old daughter, Isabella,” read the detailed caption posted on Instagram.

“On August 2, the father-daughter duo made a call using their radio. To their surprise, the call was routed to the International Space Station. On the other end of the line was Kjell Lindgren, Commander from NASA’s SpaceX Crew-4,” he added.

Listen to the conversation here:

Not only did NASA SpaceX Crew-4 Commander Kjell Lindgren speak with Isabella, but also shared how he felt talking to her.

Take a look at his tweet below:

The conversation was retweeted one day on Instagram and has since garnered 2.8 lakh likes and hundreds of comments. “Wow!!!! That was awesome,” one person posted. “My freaking heart so precious,” expressed another with heart emojis. “So cool! Amateur radio really is an amazing technology,” shared a third. “I had tears in my eyes. Look for this girl on Mars one day,” a fourth commented. “As someone who grew up with his dad as HAM, it brought all the feels,” wrote a fifth.


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