2022 election results: Peter Dutton retains Dickson


When asked if Dutton would be the next Leader of the Opposition, Attorney General Michaelia Cash said: ‘I think we have a long way to go tonight. It’s everywhere right now. At this point, let’s just focus on tonight’s result.”

Dutton is expected to challenge the party leadership after Scott Morrison announced he was stepping down.

Dickson, on the northwestern edge of Brisbane, was a fringe seat held by Dutton at 4.6% after the 2019 election.

Dutton was the Government’s loudest voice on national security during the election campaign, notably urging Australians during an Anzac Day television interview to prepare for war due to global and regional insecurity.

The comments drew the ire of popular Western Australian Premier Mark McGowan, who criticized Dutton’s rhetoric as chilling and “grossly irresponsible”.


Labor foreign policy spokeswoman Penny Wong also accused Dutton of playing politics with national security after holding a press conference to reveal Australia was tracking a Chinese spy ship off the coast. from Western Australia for about a week.

He called the ship’s movements “an aggressive act” on China’s part, despite the Defense Ministry backing away from such language.

The Liberal Party on Saturday seized the interception of a boat of Sri Lankan asylum seekers trying to reach Australia, texting voters in marginal seats that they should vote for the party in order to secure the country borders.

Dutton posted on social media: “The smugglers have obviously decided who is going to win the election and the boats have already started. Do not risk our national security with the Labor Party.

Dutton launched libel proceedings in April last year against refugee lawyer Shane Bazzi over a six-word tweet accusing him of being a “rape apologist”.

Days before the election, an appeals court overturned a decision awarding Dutton $35,000 in damages for a tweet, after the author successfully argued that the post did not convey Dutton’s claimed defamatory meaning. .

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