Transfer Loan and Save Immediately


We have known it for years, but transferring your loan pays! So do you have one or more loans? Then you can most likely save money considerably! This is possible with the current historically low interest rate in 2019. Just as with the interest on mortgages, the interest for borrowing money is historically low. It can be interesting to transfer your loan (s) with Lucia to one new loan. Whether you can save depends on the interest that you now pay. The older your loan and the more different loans the greater the benefit.


Why should you reschedule?

Why should you reschedule?

The cheaper the better is our motto. Fortunately, making your loan cheaper can be fairly simple. If you choose to take out your loan at a lower interest rate, you can easily save tens if not hundreds of euros. We offer the lowest possible interest rates that are available in the market. Lucia has been working for years with reputable banks that specialize in consumer credit. You do not have to pay us anything to transfer your current loan! We do not charge additional costs such as closing costs, but are directly rewarded by the banks.


Specialist in loan refinancing

loan refinancing

If you have multiple loans you have come to the right place. We specialize in combining several loans into one new loan, whereby you could save on both the interest rate and the monthly payment. This of course depends on your own wishes, so paying off your loan faster can also be an objective. And then you usually pay a higher monthly installment.


Which loans can you transfer?

Which loans can you transfer?

There are all kinds of different types of loans, from different lenders. In almost all cases we can be of service to a better proposal. This applies to the following loans, among others:

  • Personal loan and revolving credit from for example WNG, BoraBank, ABS-ANFRA, Saintbank, Fanqus, Hi-Y Bank, and Mander
  • Redemptions on the payment account of major banks such as, BoraBank, ABS-ANFRA or SSN
  • Credit Card from Mastercard, VISA or ICS
  • Shipping house credit such as Hehkamp and ​​Nackermann

If you are not in the form of a loan or bank, just contact us and we can immediately check with you to see if we can make you a cheaper and better proposal.


Transfer your loan online, so clearly arranged!

Transfer your loan online, so clearly arranged!

At Lucia you can completely refill your loan online. This starts with the online application process and, whether you want a quote for a revolving credit, WOZ credit or personal loan, at Lucia you will receive the most favorable options by e-mail at home. All this completely free and without obligation . Do you want to receive multiple quotes? Then you can simply state that and we will send you several quotes. You can then figure this out at your leisure and determine whether you want to continue with this.


Why Lucia, are we cheaper than another?

Why Frisia, are we cheaper than another?

That is not what we claim. Our experience is that we are often cheaper or at least offer the same interest as a competitor. We would be happy to show whether this is also the case in your situation. This will only take you a few minutes of your time. If desired, you can request multiple quotes at once with our quotation module, which you will receive in your mailbox. This way you can see exactly what you can borrow and at what interest rate. In addition, we do not charge additional costs such as closing or advisory costs for our service and services. You can request a cheap loan from Lucia.


  • You can transfer your loan completely online
  • You will receive an insight into your potential savings by email
  • We offer you the lowest possible interest rates from the banks for which we mediate
  • We arrange the complete transfer of your current loan with your old bank
  • In short, we invite you to apply for your cheap loan from Lucia!


Take the test …

You can take the test for free and without obligation by requesting a quote. You will receive a quote from us by email. Naturally, a quote does not oblige you to anything.