Appointment with the Credit Protection Service


More than half of the Brazilians who are on the list of defaulters do not know that their date are in the registries of debtors. Is that you? Is the name dirty in the square? According to a survey by SPC Brasil, an institution that manages default data, 41% of Brazilians have already been listed on the credit blacklist. When you fail to pay a benefit, issue bad checks or fail to comply with a financial obligation, your name may be defaulted on the Credit Protection Service (SPC) for up to five years.

Consult before granting credits, accepting checks or opening credit

Consult before granting credits, accepting checks or opening credit

The SPC maintains a database filled with trade information, service providers, C, in which all members can consult before granting credits, accepting checks or opening credit. That is, if you fail to pay one, everyone will know and, if you need any of these services again, you will be in trouble.

But how do you know if, for some reason, your date is part of this list? SPC Brasil states that the consultation can only be done in person, in any of its units. You will have to take RG and CPF and the service is free.

Once you find that your name appears as a debtor, the debt will have to be paid or renegotiated for the date to be removed from the list. The SPC still states that there is no minimum amount of debt to enter the registry.

How does SPC work?

How does SPC work?

The SPC database is fueled by information from merchants and the banking network. The institution is linked to the Chamber of Shopkeepers of more than 2,200 municipalities in Brazil, where consumer data circulate.

The entity acts as an intermediary between the merchants and the consumer and is maintained at the initiative of the retailer network. They organize the registration of the defaulters and make it available for consultation of the members. So, if you have a dirty name for a debt in any part of the country, the rest of the national territory will know.

But your data will only be open to members and the SPC can not disclose it to third parties. The Consumer Protection Code further ensures that the debtor needs to be advised if his name is included in the list.

Ensure authenticity of information

Ensure authenticity of information

If you search the internet, you will find numerous sites offering services to consult the list of defaulters. However, the SPC does not recognize the legitimacy of any of these sites and advises the consumer to seek the institution directly.

Therefore, to ensure that the information is correct, use the official means of consultation. That is, go to the nearest unit and take your documents.

Preventive action

You may have already met somebody or heard some story where they stole the subject’s papers and used their date to make purchases and borrow money. Please note that SPC offers free services for you to report that it has been stolen and for the entire commercial and banking network that your documents are in the hands of another person and therefore any action on your behalf will be suspect. If you get stolen or lost your documents, immediately look for these institutions, taking the bulletin of occurrence, and avoid a huge headache.

It is worth knowing how to consult the SPC to ensure that all your consumer rights are preserved. And if your name appears to be defaulter, try to reorganize your finances to pay off the debt and enjoy the benefits of having the name cleared again.